Feeding The Orphans

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About the brand

Sydney, the founder of Feeding The Orphans, always cared deeply for orphaned children. It all started a t-shirt, that she sold in order to raise money to provide food, medical supplies and clean water to the orphans in Africa. This eventually led to the non-profit organization Feed The Orphans. Their goal is to help children by providing for their basic needs and to empower orphans and widows in Africa.

Feeding The Orphans want to help children by providing for their basic needs. They have a food sponsorship that provides 3 meals a day to a child in their program. Their educational sponsorship provides school uniforms, book, tuition, and exam fees. They also provide beds, mosquito nets, medical care and they have a discipleship program.

Your contribution
With your purchase at Feeding The Orphans you help them empowering single mothers and children in need. They provide clean water, food, education and medication. They help single mothers by giving them artisan training, materials and a market to sell their goods.

Causes they support
Children, Women, Education, Water, Health, Nutrition

Places they support
- Africa (Ghana and Togo)