Faircloth & Supply

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About the brand

Faircloth & Supply are a clothes company that produce timeless and classic apparel made from linen. They believe in the education of girls and have therefore partnered with a Nepalese charity and donate proceeds from every purchase towards providing a scholarship, uniform and school stationary to girls who would otherwise not have access to an education. 

Their partner charity is currently reaching over 2,000 girls and their families in 20 districts in Nepal and helping them through their schooling. Faircloth & Supply is able to make this progress possible with their generous donations and support. 

Your contribution
By purchasing Faircloth & Supply clothing and accessories you are making it possible for girls to go to school. Depending on the price of your purchase, items either enable a Nepalese girl access to a school uniform or as much as a scholarship, a uniform and stationary for their education.  

Causes they support
Faircloth & Supply support the education of girls. 

Places they support
They support their partner charity, General Welfare Pratisthan in Nepal.