About the brand

Envirosax believes in combining fashion, design and innovative products to achieve significant environmental impact. They are all about environmental sustainability and want the best for our planet. Envirosax acknowledge the problems one-use plastic bags & bottles have brought so far and turned it into a solution.

Envirosax has become well-known worldwide for the eco-friendly alternative it created to disposable bags and bottles. They are fighting to reduce the ‘plastic soup’ by creating items that are sustainable in every way.

Your contribution
It creates lightweight and waterproof bags and reusable water bottles. Each bag replaces about 5,000 plastic bags and each bottle about 200 billion plastic water bottles. You can make environmental impact by buying an Envirosax’ reusable bag and bottle while at the same time stop buying plastic ones.

Causes they support
Environment, Animals, Water. 

Places they support
Since Envirosax sells bags in 57 countries (throughout the EU, UAE, Asia, North and South America, Russia, Australia and New Zealand), they are making a significant environmental impact worldwide. 


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