Little Sun Charge

Little Sun

Little Sun Charge is a high-performance solar phone charger and light, designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. 

  • Offers a full smartphone charge from 5 hours of sunshine
  • Works with all of your existing mobile devices and cables and uses a standard USB port
  • Great for outdoor use. Hang it from your backpack and it will charge all day while you're out and about
  • A work of art that works in life, a great solar energy product and a social business in one


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Little Sun have designed beautiful products for people who do not have access to electricity (off-grid). Little Sun sell their products at affordable prices to local entrepreneurs so that they can create business opportunities in their community.

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With poor light sources in many areas of the world, the Little Sun lamp makes it possible for students to study after school, it reduces the amount of dangerous and unhealthy kerosene fires and it provides employment for local people so they can support their families.

The Little Sun lamp is selling products across the globe and making a huge positive impact  in off-grid communities in places such as India and Southern Africa.


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