Endangered Species Chocolate

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About the brand

Endangered Species Chocolate are an ethical, give back business that produce healthy, organic chocolate.10% of their net profits are donated each year to their current partners which all support wildlife causes and endangered species. All their chocolate is Kosher, Fair-trade, GMO free, vegan, gluten free and uses palm oil from sustainable farms.  


Each partner charity is guaranteed a minimum annual donation of $10,000 and they use these funds in ways that they believe to be the most important in protecting wildlife. Their ethical means of sourcing their products ensures that minimal damage and maximum good is caused in the production of their chocolate.  

Your contribution

With over $1 million generated in the past three years alone, each chocolate purchase adds up to big support that helps wildlife thrive.

Causes they support
Environment, Animals and Social Justice.

Places they support
Latin America and the Caribbean, USA, Africa, Asia, Canada, the Middle East and Australia.