Drink More Good

About the brand

Drink More Good started their company in 2012 with the important goal to "make this world a better place". They create soda syrup concentrates, tea and tisane concentrates and bitters by using only local and organic ingredients. They believe in global impact through local success. Businesses should be aware of their social responsibility, so they can contribute to a better world and create positieve impact. 

Drink More Good is a partner of Generosity.org. This organization tries to make clean water accessible to everyone in the world. They do this by setting up water projects in parts of the world that desperately need them.

Your contribution
Drink More Good will donate at least the amount of one fully sustainable water well each year. The more products you buy of their brand, the more money they will be able to donate to Generosity.org.

Causes they support

Places they support
Africa, Asia, Latin-America 

Drink More Good

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