Drink For Good

About the brand

Drink for Good have two visions; to make reusable products and to give back to a worthy cause with every purchase. Drink for good have also employed local artists in America to design each product so that they have the opportunity to market their work. Each product is partnered with a specific cause which is depicted in the design. This makes it possible to choose your product according to the cause that matters to you.

Drink for Good have given back $2.00 for every product sold and made a considerable impact on the lives of the people and animals it supports. They have also contributed to the reduced use of plastic and other disposable liquid containers that are a causing huge environmental problems. 

Your contribution
By purchasing a product you are automatically donating $2.00 to a great cause. When you purchase one of their unique bottles you are contributing to the reduction in the amount of plastic waste as a result of using your new product. 

Causes they support
Drink for Good support a number of causes and specific organisations. Depending on the product you buy, your money goes towards either; St Baldricks for cancer, American Civil Liberties Union for Equality, National Council for Adoption for orphaned children, Valhalla rescue for homeless animals, Ecotrust for environmental protection or Free the Children for youth empowerment and education.

Places they support
The majority of organisations supported by Drink for Good are based in America.

Drink For Good