About the brand

Creating awareness about the state of the environment, activating people to reduce single-use plastic waste and providing safe drinking water and sanitation to everyone, everywhere. That’s what Dopper strives for.

Dopper works according to the ‘cradle to cradle’ concept. This means their products are 100% recyclable and value destruction is minimalized. This way, they work on prevention. However, there is another side of the problem; the plastic soup in the ocean, arised out of waste. This is why Dopper decided to work together with the Ocean Cleanup organization. Dopper sponsored the Ocean Cleanup’s crowdfunding projects by providing Doppers to the donators. Furthermore, Dopper created the Dopper Foundation, which works together with multiple water projects. Another part of this foundation is the Dopper Water & Waste Academy, through which inspiring experts give people a nudge to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce plastic waste. 

Your contribution
You can now choose to stop single-use plastic waste and make a conscious decision for the environment. Support Dopper’s goals in multiple ways. If you buy a Dopper product, 5% will support the Dopper Foundation. You can also choose to donate directly, thereby supporting water projects in Nepal.

Causes they support
- Water
- Environment

Places they support
- Asia