About the brand

Decreasing our environmental footprint is the goal that created the existence of the American company Cuppow. They want to develop everyday products that we don’t want to leave home without anymore, products that help us live a low-impact life. That’s where they combine utility and simplicity in their designs.

Cuppow’s products bring multiple advantages. Not only do their products have such a robust quality that they’re for lifetime use, they are also made out of recycled and safe materials. This signals their ongoing commitment to reduce waste as much as possible. Also, they support American jobs. As they believe a strong and healthy country is founded on good work, they decided to use only domestic options in their supply, manufacturing and fulfilment. Adding to these advantages, Cuppow also makes sure 5% of their profits goes to supporting organizations and domestic 501c3 charities that are transparent and effective.

Your contribution
Instead of buying plastic packages, disposable packages, you can now make a better decision. Leave your home more consciously with a Cuppow product. By buying a Cuppow product, you decrease your environmental footprint, support job creation in America and donate 5% to an organization such as the Great Lakes organizations.

Causes they support
Environment, Water, Job Creation

Places they support