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About the brand


At Bull+Moose they believe in social responsibility and fair prices. Their luxury quality neckwear are a mix of classic and modern and are all handmade. Bull+Moose are on a mission to do good while helping gentlemen look good.


Bull+Moose is a Veteran owned business and sponsor of Got Your Six. In the military, “Got Your six” means “I’ve got your back”. At Bull+Moose they believe this should be an inspiration to all Americans. Together with Got Your Six they empower Veterans to convert their leadership and operational training into positive civilian roles in communities all over the country. Profits made by Bull+Moose furthermore help fund micro loans via Kiva.org for underprivileged men in the USA.

Your contribution

When buying a product at Bull+Moose, you support Got Your Six, thereby helping to create a new conversation in America, one where Veterans and military families are seen as leaders and civil assets. You also help them fund loans via Kiva.org for underprivileged men in North America. 

Causes they support

Social Justice

Places they support
North America