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About the brand

1.4 million service men and woman, worldwide, daily wear their boots for you. Boot Campaign believes we should give thanks. Promoting patriotism for America and their military community, raising awareness of the various challenges service members face lifelong, and providing assistance to them is what the Boot Campaign wants to achieve.

Boot Campaign began in 2009 as a fun photo project. Nowadays they turned into a national movement that funds more than $2 million into the military community each year. Boot Campaign promotes patriotism for America and our military community, raises awareness of the challenges service members face during and after their service, and they provide assistance to military personnel and their families.

Your contribution
When you buy one of their products, you help funding programs that support military families. Boot Campaign provides help to all generations of military personnel who endure physical, emotional and circumstantial hardships resulting from their service and sacrifice. 

Causes they support
- Social Justice

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