About the brand

Beautiful, ecological, social. Bogobrush believes all these components fit into one little object: a toothbrush. Through combining design and recyclable components they give you the opportunity to consume consciously whilst at the same time helping someone in need.

Through partnering with multiple organizations, Bogobrush creates impact in multiple areas in the USA. In Detroit, MI, the covenant community care serves the people of Metro Detroit through six health clinics across the city. Whether or not people are able to pay, medical, dental and behavioural health care is provided to everyone. The Apple Tree Dental in Twin Cities, MN, is dedicated to provide complete dental care to the people of Minnesota through the innovative mobile dental units of its clinics. Also, they give away 20,000 toothbrushes each year. In Fargo, ND, they are engaged in family healthcare. Regardless of people’s ability to pay, they provide personal, high quality medical and dental care and they offer necessary tools to aide healthful lifestyles.

Your contribution
You can simply contribute through buying one of their toothbrushes. Buy one brush, and another brush is given to someone in need through Bogobrush’s partners.

Causes they support
- Environment
- Health

Places they support


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