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About the brand

beyondBeanie discovered that selling awesome beanies and accessories can have a huge positive impact. This up-and-coming social clothing company learned about Bolivia being rich in culture and traditions, but challenging for the people that keep this Bolivian culture alive. They strive for improving the lives of women artisans in Bolivia.

The founders learned about the challenges and struggles of the artisans. Aiming to change their situation, the beyondBeanie brand was evolved. Not only are the artisans financially developing, also their self-esteem is boosted. As every product is hand-signed by the Bolivian who made it, the artisans are proud of their work again.

Your contribution
With every beyondBeanie product you purchase, you support the work of a talented artisan and help children in need in Bolivia. These are 38 orphaned children, supported by the Amanecer Salomon Klein Center in Cochabamba.

1 Beanie = 5 meals
1 Bag = 1 set of school supplies
1 Poncho = 1 school uniform
1 Bracelet = dental care

Causes they support
- Job Creation
- Woman
- Children

Places they support
Latin-America (Bolivia).