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About the brand

Bené was founded in 2011 in the USA and is a company that makes beautiful scarves that support the education of girls in Ghana. They believe that women are the pillars of a better world and by ensuring their education they will bring a brighter and more peaceful future. By selling scarves Bené are able to donate money to specific individuals who have a desire to learn and have successful careers. 

So far this year they have supported five girls through their secondary education, giving them books, uniform, stationary and paying their fees. Bené are hoping to grow in the future so they can reach more girls. 

Your contribution
When you purchase a Bené scarf you are offering a girl a chance to break the cycle of poverty and get an education. Each scarf comes with the story of the girl in Ghana that it supports so you can read about how you are helping on a personal level. 

Causes they support
Education and Children.

Places they support