Alter Eco

About the brand

Alter Eco believes food is fundamental for a good life. This is why they produces delicious and environmentally responsible food under conditions that guarantee social justice for the farmers involved.

Alter Eco is creating a system of which everyone involved can enjoy. The founders stay true to their environmental values which means that in every process flora and fauna is taken into account. The brand is directly involved with small-scale farmers, that grown cacao, quinoa, rice or sugar, to guide them in a Fair Trade and Organic practice. The healthy and delicious food that is being produced can be enjoyed by people from all over the world.

Your contribution
By simply buying one of their products you contribute to better food quality for yourself and better life quality for local farmers worldwide.

Causes they support
Social justice and the Environment. 

Places they support
Alter Eco supports farmers all over the world, among others in Bolivia, Thailand and Ecuador.

Alter Eco

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