All Across Africa

About the brand

Achieving long-term social impact in the under-served areas of rural Africa, that is what All Across Africa (AAA) aims at. They created a new way of helping rural families achieving their full potential. Where others give handouts, they invest in artisans to generate a permanent gain in family income. Really listening to their partners, the people they work to serve. That’s their development philosophy.

Artisans are provided with a “market bundle”, which includes education, finance, materials, training and market access. Hereby, AAA provides the sustainable solution that reduces poverty and helps restore dignity. Instead of just offering financial aid, AAA believes in business creating jobs. Making people proud and creating true partnerships between market and producer.

Your contribution
Buying a basket from All Through Africa means you support their Fair Trade practices and ensures the employment of their artisans.

Causes they support
- Job Creation
- Women
- Education

Places they support

All Across Africa

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