Aid Through Trade

About the brand

Being an individual in the western world provides you the power to choose how to spend your money. At Aid Through Trade (ATT), they know this. Therefore, they offer you the possibility to consume conscientious. Offering desirable products and practicing sustainability in all aspects of their business ensures their Fair Trade business to continue.

ATT creates work for artisans in Nepal. About 80 artisans work in good circumstances in the office / studio space in Katmandhy Valley or at home. Together these artisans, mostly women, create beautiful jewellery. The Fair Trade business practices that ATT embraces are, among others, fair pay, sustainable income, retirement funds, health care benefits such as eye care and yoga, safe and healthy working conditions, daily meals and no forced or child labor. Also, they educate consumers on the importance of Fair Trade.

Your contribution
Buying jewellery from Aid Trough Trade means you support their Fair Trade practices and ensures the employment of their artisans.

Causes they support
- Job Creation
- Social Justice

Places they support
Aid Through Trade supports artisans in Nepal. 

Aid Through Trade

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