African Clean Energy

About the brand

African Clean Energy envision a simple solution to a dangerous and wide spread problem, namely, improving human and environmental health levels with an alternative to open fire cooking that uses inefficient and harmful fuel. The ACE 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove is an African product, cleverly designed to combine solar energy with a smoke free, efficient flame that can be kept alight with almost any from of Biofuel.

The ACE 1 Cookstove is accessible to those in impoverished areas and reduces their reliance on sourcing huge quantities of inefficient and harmful fuel. African Clean Energy is also reducing the necessity for people in poor communities to light open fires in there homes. As a result, they are minimizing the health risks, environmental pollution and fire hazards that families, but particularly women and children are exposed to in their homes. 

Your contribution
By purchasing one of these Stoves you are supporting the efforts of the company to spread their product to those that need them most.

Causes they support
Health, Environment

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African Clean Energy