About the brand

Do you believe that one person, literally, can change the world? 1Face does. There are millions of people in need, but there are also millions of people that can help. Be the Face of change with 1Face.

1Face has the goal to bring about change worldwide. With the help of supporters they want to increase their impact on a variety of people and causes. Cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education and animal rights are the causes they support. They aim at changing 1 million lives. So far, they have helped about 750.000 people through support ranging from building wells and providing meals to contributing to finding cures and improving living conditions.

Your contribution
You can make the decision to help, be part of the solution and global change by simply buying one of their watches coupled to a certain cause. The decision is yours! Buying one watch provides Aids treatment for 4 patients, supports 8 cancer patients, provides food for 10 people, provides a mammogram, provides a lifetime of water for 1 person, provides 1 charcoal efficient stove, helps find an animal a loving home or provides educational opportunities for a child in need. 

Causes they support
Each watch supports a different cause. These causes are Health, Education, Women, Animals and Environment. You can also choose to buy the watch that supports all these causes. 

Places they support
1Face supports people in the USA, Haiti, Guatemala, Syria, India and the Philippines.