Why Bother?

Only 20 years ago, most of the western world was still heavily focused on growth, financial, material and developmental. We were obsessed with having more of just about everything and although we thought about our friends and family, we really couldn't care less about the people in far away lands, or the wildlife we share the planet with.

Then the discourse of sustainability arose and we entered an era of global awareness. How can we keep growing while we destroy the very planet we live on?

The global community
Now, everyone, everywhere, from the business woman in Bangkok to the Maasai warrior in Kenya, is interconnected through communication, technology and information access. We are starting to give a shit about one another and in a way, we have become a global family.

Our fellow human beings, our wildlife, our water and our atmosphere are becoming the gossip we all love to hear about. We wonder how we can make it better. We are more self-aware, more concerned for strangers on the other side of the world and more worried about the air we breathe and the land we live on than ever before. Isn't that grand! Companies, organizations, communities, families, internet forums and global conversations have become about sharing, equality, fluidity and transparency. We are focusing more and more on increasing freedom and fulfillment instead of power and growth. We have seen a huge increase in small self-governed businesses, non-profit organizations, renewable energy, recycling, education, women’s empowerment and child protection. We are obviously becoming much better humans. However, the world isn't perfect yet and we are still working hard to make the necessary adjustments.

What can you do?
Many people are thinking, how can I really make a difference? I'm just one person. What can I really do? I might as well just get on with my life and worry about my own happiness.

Well, as Dan Baker, author of ‘What Happy People Know’ says, true happiness comes from living a meaningful and shared life, from freedom and choice, from gratitude and appreciation and from positive and optimistic thinking.

So what now?
We know happiness is better when shared, so if those around us are suffering, it becomes a lot harder to be happy ourselves. We are also finding that one person can have a lot of influence. You are capable of a lot more than you think, and we can all create positive change. Through crowdfunding, the things you do can really change the world! Start doing good yourself and others will follow. We're pretty sure it will make you happier!

What we do at crowdRipple
At crowdRipple, we seek happiness through the happiness of others. We provide you with the freedom to choose, from the products you buy to the projects you support. You can make a more positive and meaningful choice everyday. Through a fulfilling work life, through giving back and through rising awareness for all the struggles we still face on this planet we at crowdRipple are really living the life!

We are highlighting projects supporting a cause from the many different platforms online to make it easier for people all over the world to be empowered by their fellow brothers and sisters who also live on this planet. At the same time, we have made it possible to give your support to the projects you believe in by shopping for the things you need or want to buy for others. In addition, we only promote and sell from brands that, like us, believe in giving back to the causes we care about. So at crowdRipple, we all support each other to do good and create a cycle of giving at every point of the crowdRipple ecosystem! 

And you can support us or be supported by us through the projects on our platform and the generous brands on our marketplace and as a result, be happier yourself. Because at the end of the day, what is happiness when it's not shared with this incredible, complex planet and all the wonderful creatures on it?

We are just trying to do our little bit for the world. One Ripple at a Time. That's why we bother.

The crowdRipple Team
The crowdRipple Team


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