7 Crowdfunding projects doing good on Veterans Day

On November 11, we honor the heroes of our country. Veterans Day is the day we celebrate the service of all US military veterans and show our support. In this blog you can find 10 crowdfunding projects that do good by supporting veterans throughout the country.

1. Veteran Field Manual: Civilian Life 1-1 
In order to help veterans with civilian integration, a process that can be very stressful for any veteran, Todd Kuikka wrote the book “Veteran Field Manual: Civilian Life 1-1”. The manuscript is now complete, revised, edited and ready for production. But in order to actually produce it and get it to the veteran community, they need our support! This book can help reduce veteran suicide, eliminate negative stigmas, empower military generations and bridge the gap of confusion back to civilian life. The writer is a veteran himself and struggled when he came back to the US; the hardest battle was returning “home” and finding peace in his old life. After speaking with other veterans and identifying health strategies, he felt a lot better. With this book he wants to help other veterans and make sure they know they are not alone. To support this project or to find out more, click here.

Veteran Field Manual - crowdfunding projects supporting veterans

2. Battle Tested  
The project “Battle Tested Veterans” wants to challenge the way we think of veterans by organizing an event to create awareness. By telling their personal stories they want to show people what it means to be a veteran. Melissa Boatwright, a veteran herself, wants to organize this event to challenge the way people, including veterans, think about veterans. To make this possible she started this crowdfunding campaign, to cover the travel and lodging costs for their speakers and ensure that the event can take place. At the event they will try to challenge some myths about veterans, discuss their experiences and tell their personal stories. To find out more about this project, click here.

3. Direct Transitioning Help 
The people behind this project want to support the almost four million veterans and their families. The transition from a military to a civilian life can be very hard and almost impossible for those without support. Direct Transitioning Help will provide a 90 day program that provides structure, removes personal barriers and gives focus. They provide continues support for veterans who are overwhelmed by life outside the institutional environment of the armed forces. When you support this crowdfunding project you can make this program a reality and support veterans and their families all around the country. Find out more about this project here.

4. All-terrain electric wheelchair for challenged veterans
Frederick Melvin believes everyone should be able to enjoy nature, also when you are physically challenged. With his crowdfunding project he wants to make it possible for disabled veterans go outside as well. Melvin was in the navy himself and when his own disabilities held him back from the outdoor activities he loves, he challenged himself to build an off-road, all terrain power chair so he could still go outside and do everything he wants. Now he wants to give other veterans the same freedom by providing them the tools and materials provided to build their own terrain power chair. This way disabled veterans, but also common men, women and disabled children, can enjoy nature again without the mobility issues they usually endure. Want to learn more about this project? Click here

5. The Lasting War – Veteran portraits showing war never leaves 
The Lasting War is a Photography project that wants to show how war stays with veterans even after combat have ended. This is a project from veteran Ryan Koch, who spent a year in Afghanistan. During this time he took a small digital camera with him on every mission and patrol in order to capture as much of the country and combat as he could. When he got home and started to organize his photos, he noticed something in the faces of the soldiers: the longer they were in Afghanistan and the more combat they saw, the more their faces changed, especially their eyes. With this project Koch wants to show that war never truly leaves these soldiers. His plan is to go travel all across the US so he can meet hundreds, if not thousands of veterans and take their pictures and show the world how the conflict they were a part of is still being worn on their faces everyday. To read more about this project, click here.

The Lasting War - crowdfunding projects supporting Veterans Day 

6. The Christoper Walker fund  
The Christoper Walker fund is set up by Edward Walker for his son, Christopher. Christopher was struck by an IED in Afghanistan in 2012. During this attack he lost both arms and his entire left leg and suffered many other injuries. The Christopher Walker fund is set up to help him on his journey of recovery and his life after he has left rehab. To find out more about Chistopher and his father's project, follow this link.

7. Help Recover Our Vimy Heroes 
This project wants to give 44 members of the 16th Canadian Infantry Battalion a proper burial. In 1917 they died as heroes in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, fighting the Germans. The death were buried in a mine crater in No Man’s Land, designated CA40. After the war thousands of isolated graves were brought back into permanent war graves cemeteries. However, there is no evidence exhumation squads also brought any men from CA40 there. Searching all likely cemeteries in the Vimy region also revealed no evidence of the Canadian Scottish graves. Military historian Norm Christie believes the man from CA40 remain where they were originally buried on the Vimy battlefield in 1917. With this project these heroes can still get a proper burial. Amongst others they need an engineering team and equipment and the money to compensate local farmers and to provide for safety and security costs. More information on this special project can be found here.

You can show your thankfullness and support to Veterans today! Support these awesome projects directly or shop at the Ripple Marketplace, where at least ten percent of each purchase will support a crowdfunding project of your choice. You can also read our blog on brands and products that give back to support veterans here.

The crowdRipple Team
The crowdRipple Team


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