Featured crowdfunding projects doing good on World Food Day

Since 1945, October 16th is the day we all celebrate World Food Day. It's a day to raise awareness to the issues behind poverty and hunger. For this important day, we’ve featured crowdfunding projects related to World Food Day. With your help these change makers can help tackle global hunger and provide better nutritional options to communities throughout the world. 

1. Onist Food
Onist Food produces healthy food for you and children in Gambia. This socially responsible food brand creates healthy avocado choc pots, made from six nutritious ingredients. For every pot of Onist you buy, you also buy a healthy breakfast for a child in need in Gambia. Find out more about them and their campaign here.

2. Food Shift’s Alameda Kitchen
At Food Shift they want to reduce food waste and hunger at the same time. They transform fruits and vegetables that would otherwise have been wasted into nutritious, affordable food products and meals for low-income populations. Right now they need a kitchen facility – the Alameda Kitchen – where the cooking can take place. The Alameda Kitchen will also be a housing community for formerly homeless individuals and families and will provide job training to their residents. Find out more about them and their campaign here.

Alameda's Kitchen

3. Farm Fired: Support Famers and Build Community Health
Farm Fired wants to address many of the problems of Fast Food. Instead of an industry dominated by fried foods and lack of community sourcing they want to create an establishment that sources food locally and prepares it using wood-fired cooking methods. Furthermore, they only want to offer healthy foods. Farm Fired believes that health empowers people to succeed, and when people succeed communities thrive. When you support their crowdfunding campaign you will support farmers and fund a completely new community-based Fast Food concept. Find out more about them and their campaign here.

4. Provide organic fruits and vegetables to food banks
This project is about providing access to fresh and organic fruit and vegetables for everyone. Harold Adams, the project-leader, wants to make it possible to provide the best quality food for lower income families by growing and providing organic fruits and vegetables to the local food banks. He furthermore hopes to purchase 30 acres of land to provide even more food to the local food banks. Find out more about them and their campaign here.

5. Love’s Group from Nigeria
The Palm Oil Milling Association is a way for women in Nigeria to provide for the daily needs of their families. Love is 36-year old mother of three. She is part of the organization Nke-Anyi FMCS, that helps women in this association by providing group loans to give them access to financial services, training and markets. By supporting this project you will not just help providing a loan for Love, but you will help the whole community. Find out more about them and their campaign here.

Love's group

6. A Place at the Table
A Place at the Table wants to create a non-profit pay-what-you-can café that provides community and healthy food for all, regardless of means. They believe everyone should be able to afford a healthy meal in a restaurant, while at the same time bringing the community together. To realize their dream they want to open a restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the summer of 2016. They already found the perfect location, all they need is your help so they can sign the lease and start bringing people together while enjoying a healthy meal! Find out more about them and their campaign here.

7. Help Emily become a sustainable food systems educator
Emily is an American girl that wants to make this world a better place by becoming a sustainable food systems educator. She wants to create systems that empower people with knowledge and tools so they can feed their communities in a healthy, diverse, ecological and resilient way. She has been offered the opportunity to participate in the pioneer Wolf Ridge Farmer Naturalist Training Program. This learning center has been recognized internationally as a leader in environmental education. Emily started her crowdfunding campaign to raise $5,000 for tuition and living expenses during her 10-month program. Find out more about her and her campaign here.

8. Teaching Nutrition to Nicaraguan’s Youth
The Edventure Program is an international volunteer organization that delivers educational initiatives to promote nutrition through workshops in Nicaragua. They also want to build a Youth Center for activities. With their crowdfunding campaign they can keep their program alive and make sure their volunteers develop the qualifications necessary to help the people in Nicaragua. Find out more about them and their campaign here.

Teaching Nutrition to kids in Nicaragua

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You can support all these awesome projects directly or by shopping on the Ripple Marketplace, where 10 percent of your purchase goes to a crowdfunding project of you choice. On the Ripple Marketplace we also feature products from brands that give back to causes we all care about. Read our blog about our ten featured brands for World Food Day to find out more!

The crowdRipple Team
The crowdRipple Team


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