December 01, 2015


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6 Brands that support World AIDS Day

Every year since 1988 the world has dedicated the 1st of December to AIDS, AIDS prevention, treatment, awareness and research. Although the virus was only discovered in the 1970’s, it has quickly become a pandemic, killing over 35 million people worldwide and infected another 35 million. Although HIV has been detected in every region of the world, it is most prevalent in Southern Africa where treatment, support and prevention measures are weakest and there is little financial support to help individuals to fight the virus. In the United States, currently more than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 8 are unaware of their infection.

This World AIDS Day, crowdRipple has found brands and products that are helping this cause with the hope that we all do a bit more than give the occasional donation but also know that we can consume differently.

  1. IPad/Notebook cover by Manos de Madres

Manos de Madres - IPad cover
Manos de Madres works with vulnerable women and young adults to develop business capacity and financial independence. They began in Honduras and now also work in Rwanda and South Africa. They are proud members of Green America and the Fair Trade Federation. This IPad cover was made by women in Rwanda in a community called INEZA. All the women in this community are living with HIV/AIDS. The money from the products they make and sell empowers them to live a fulfilling life, despite their deteriorating health and ensures they are able to support their families.

2. Smokey Lava by Chavez for Charity. 

Smokey Lava - Chavez for Charity
Chavez for Charity is a company that produce jewelry in many colors, with each color supporting a different charity. Their black line support Gift for Life, an organisation that support AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment. This 3 set Smokey Lava collection looks stunning and shows your support for World AIDS Day.

3. Body Lotion by Noodle & Boo

Noodle & Boo - Body Lotion
Noodle & Boo create skin care products for babies and women that are environmentally friendly and optimal for sensitive skin. They donate generous sums of money each year to their partner charities including Save the Children, Compassion and Keep a Child Alive. Keep a Child Alive is a children AIDS foundation that protects children from infection and provides treatment for those already infected. Check out their woman's body lotion through which you can support World AIDS day. We hope you like it as much as we do!

4. Signature Brights by Relate

Relate is a South African based brand that make bracelets from beads. They are sustainably made to provide employment for local people while donating the proceeds to a number of different charities and organizations. Two of the charities they support focus on AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention measures. These Signature Brights bracelets are seriously eye catching and will light up your outfit while showing your support for AIDS.

5.  Watch by 1:Face

1:Face - Watch AIDS
1:face product a line of watches in different colors. They produce a stylish gadget while also giving back to a huge number of causes. Each color of watch supports a different cause. So far, 1:Face have helped about 750.000 people through support ranging from building wells and providing meals to contributing to finding cures and improving living conditions. This red design watch provides life-saving HIV treatment, care, and support services to children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

6. Cuff Bracelet by Until There’s A Cure.

Until There's A Cure - Cuff Bracelet
As the name depicts, this organization is raising money for HIV/AIDS through selling jewelry and will continue to do so, until a cure has been found. All their products have the signature HIV/AIDS ribbon branded on them to show support and raise awareness. This Cuff Bracelet is made from stainless steel and has a granite finish.

Make a positive difference to those suffering from or in danger of contracting HIV/AIDS this World AIDS Day. You can do this by shopping for the goods you need from brands that give back to this worthy cause and you can also support a project. See our blog on crowdfunding projects we've discovered here.