October 15, 2015


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10 brands giving back to fight hunger

Food security is an ever increasing problem in many regions of the world. Although there is an abundance of food produced globally, distribution and access are a constant struggle for poor and marginalized people. Lack of food is a barrier to all other aspects of a prosperous life. If children are hungry, they cannot concentrate at school and get the education necessary to enter the work force. With a lack of food, people become malnourished, reducing their health and making them susceptible to diseases.

The United Nations has dedicated the day of October 16th to remind us of the problems of food access and the misery that hungry children face everyday. Numerous people and organizations have done incredible work to tackle the world food crisis. Many businesses are now becoming more socially responsible and giving back to the cause of hunger, so that while these companies enjoy success, so can people in need. We believe that this shift can have a positive impact and hope that together we can support these do good brands and decrease hunger throughout the world. One Ripple at a Time!


1.  1Face



1Face’s slick and highly functional watch is a much sought after gadget and comes in a number of eye catching colours. With their collection of watches they support nine causes, which are all connected to a charity that aims to bring global change. This silver edition featured here provides food for 10 people with each purchase. You can purchase it today by following this link

This watch has, so far, fed 328,964 people. 

2.  2 Degrees Food


2 Degrees Food is a small food company that make delicious and healthy snack bars to keep you going during the day. They are on a mission to end childhood hunger. With every bar purchased they feed a hungry child. Very simple and very effective! To purchase their bars today, follow this link

3. Project 7 

Project 7 have some very interesting and delicious chewing gum flavours that you can try and at the same time they give back through donating a portion of their proceeds to 7 different causes. This particular flavour supports the cause of hunger and provides a meal to a needy and hungry individual in the US. To see more products of this do good brand or to find out more about what they do, follow this link


4. Tay’s Gourmet

Tay’s Gourmet have been doing amazing things with the profits from their organic and healthy granola cereals. Each bag purchased feeds a child for an entire day. Tay's Gourmet is a partner of the Children's Hunger Fund, who donate nutritious food to kids all around the world. 

Tay's Gourmet they wants to do good for the less fortunate and has a mission to create products that will keep our body and mind healthy. Their granola is made of all natural ingredients without added sugar or preservatives. If this sounds like your kind of breakfast follow this link to find out more about this do good brand!

5. Eat Art 


Eat Art is a wonderful campaign that not only supports new and upcoming artists whose talent may otherwise go undiscovered but also, the proceeds from their sales go to ‘feed a hungry child’, an organization striving to end childhood hunger. 

Eat Art have made a huge impact to the lives of children. For every $20 you spend on Eat Art products, 100 meals are provided to hungry children. This is enough food for a child to last a month. Click here to find out more about Eat Art and what they do. 



HALF UNITED are a very successful do good brand that feed 7 hungry children with every purchase. In addition, they partner with local organizations in the areas they help in order to improve empowerment and education in order for their contribution to be more sustainable and long term.  

They have a great number of stunning accessories and clothes to offer, like this gem of a necklace. Follow this link to find out more about HALF UNITED and their products.

7. Help Ink

Help Ink are a give back brand that produce art work and t-shirts designed by American artists. Help ink support a number of charities, but this featured t-shirt gives back to the children's hunger fund, for which they have already provided 35,957 meals to children. You can find out more about them here


FEED have been supporting the cause of world hunger for 7 years. Each bag contributes a unique amount of food to a specific area or community, so with each purchase you can read about how you will help when you buy their product. Their trick or treat bag for example provides 40 micronutrient servings to children in Guatemala. Great for Halloween!

Want to find out more about how FEED tries to solve hunger around the world? Read about it here

9. Hobo Hammocks 

Hobo Hammocks is an exciting new brand that have a wonderful, do good initiative. Every hammock purchased provides a meal for a homeless person (A.K.A. Hobo). These hammocks are very durable, comfortable and affordable. The perfect compliment to your next adventure. To read more about their impact and comfortable hammocks, follow this link.

10. Feeding The Orphans

Child Apron Feeding the Orphans

Feeding the Orphans are a non-profit organization that help single mothers and children in need. They have lots of different programs and a webshop that empowers women in Africa. Their food sponsorship for orphan children provides 3 meals a day. They also have school feeding programs in Togo and Ghana, where they provide hot lunches to over 160 students. Follow this link to find out more about their products or programs. 

So what are you waiting for? Shop and create Ripples for Change! Discovery more awesome do good brands here or shop from our World Food Day collection focused on NutritionSolving world hunger is arguably the most significant struggle of the 21st Century and as a crowd we can do our part to solve this crisis, One Ripple at a Time!

October 10, 2015


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10 brands that empower the Girl Child worldwide

October 11th is the International Day of the Girl Child. This day is dedicated to gender inequality girls face worldwide. On the Ripple Marketplace we feature products from brands that support the Girl Child and other causes we all care about. We hope this enables you to easily help in improving the situation of millions of young girls around the world. This blog is dedicated to 10 inspiring brands that are creating Ripples for Change by supporting girls throughout the world.

1. Headbands of Hope
Headbands of Hope helps kids with cancer in two distinct ways. For every headband purchased, one is gifted to a little girl with cancer, in hopes of lifting her spirits and helping her cope with losing her hair. Learn more about Headbands of Hope here.

2. Activyst
Activyst is a beautiful brand that creates activewear for girls based on the belief that being physically active will make girls healthier, happier and stronger. Your purchases supports education and running programs for girls in Ethiopia and other places worldwide. Find out more about Activyst here.

3. Little Dresses For Africa
By changing your T-shirt you can change the world. Little Dresses for Africa provides relief to children in Africa, by distributing dresses to little girls, primarily in African villages, but also other countries in crisis. Any Little Dresses For Africa purchase supports their shipping costs to Africa. Learn more about this brand here.

Little Dress For Africa






4. Bené
Education can break the circle of poverty for both young girls and their families. Bené is an organization with giving at its core. Through their collection of scarves, Bene is committed to providing an education to girls in Ghana. They do so by sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and the uniforms for the girls so they can fulfill their dreams. Discover more about Bené here.

5. Buy The Change
Buy The Change enables women to bring their handmade products to the American market. These women are living in a variety of difficult situations around the world. Every product you purchase at Buy The Change provides these women with income and therefore gives them the opportunity to gain safety, feed and educate their children and become more independent. Find out more about this brand here.

6. Faircloth & Supply
Faircloth & Supply makes charitable clothing lines of beautifully hand-crafted garments. For each item sold, one school uniform is donated to a girl in Nepal. The girls are able to attend school and receive an education. For a young girl in Nepal, the benefits of education are for more than just academic. Girls who receive education are less vulnerable to HIV infection, human trafficking and other forms of social and economic exploitation. Learn more about Haircloth & Supply here.

7. Feel More Better
Do you want to make a statement with your outfit? Feel More Better has created a wide range of Tee Shirt collections. With every item sold, they donate a new book to an underprivileged little girl. Each product is unique, a little different and a little imperfect – just like every one of us. Find their products and read more about their story here.

8. PremaTouch 
PremaTouch’s handmade soap treats your skin with all-natural coconut oil soap while changing the lives of young women around the world. All soaps are handmade by women who have been set free from trafficking and now work and live in a safe and loving environment. Be part of freedom and support this inspiring organisation. Read more about PremaTouch here

9. Sseko
Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based in Uganda that makes beautiful leather sandals, handbags and accessories. Through fashion, Sseko provides employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty. Their beautiful sandals, accessories and straps are all made in a workshop in Uganda. Find out more about this brand here.

10. Infinity Headbands
Every girl loves her hair and every girl deserves a chance to feel beautiful - even if all it takes is a pretty headband to put a smile on her face. Infinity Headbands offers you inter-changeable headbands that are simple to use and adapt to any outfit. The brand gives a portion of every sale to foster girls in need. Learn more about Infinity Headbands here.

These inspiring brands show that we are all able to contribute to the worldwide well-being of the Girl Child. Strong girls create a strong world!  Act today and support the International Day of the Girl Child by spreading awareness, sharing this blog or buying a product from one of these do good brands. Do you know any other brands that support girls around the world? Feel free to share them with us! Or are you selling products yourself that give to this important cause? Submit your own do good brand here and we'll add your products to the Ripple Marketplace as soon as possible. Together we can create positive Ripples for Change for young girls worldwide!

Doing good by shopping is great but do you know that crowdfunding allows you to also support the causes you care about? Want to find out more? On crowdRipple you can find projects that support the Girl Child. We've highlighted some inspiring projects in our latest blog including a crowdfunding project by PremaTouch.

Did you know?

Every purchase on the Ripple Marketplace can support a crowdfunding campaign of your choice. Together we can create Ripple fore Change. One Ripple at a Time!