5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change

Today we can affect change by thoughtfully considering the items we bring into our lives and choosing those that focus on doing good for the world. At crowdRipple we believe that every seller, whether a brand or an artisan, can be the change we seek. This is why on the Ripple Marketplace you can only buy products from brands and labels that do good. These brands do so in various ways by supporting causes such as education, social justice and the environment. In this blog we proudly introduce 5 inspiring brands through which you can shop & support on the Ripple Marketplace.

Little Sun
Little Sun has designed a beautiful solar lamp that provides a reliable and clean light source for people who do not have access to electricity. The lamps are sold all over the world and have become a collector’s item: the high-quality solar lamp is a work of art in itself, designed by world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson. For every lamp sold in an area of the world with electricity, Little Sun is able to deliver one Little Sun to an off-grid African community at a locally affordable price. By selling Little Sun’s, local entrepreneurs in these areas can create business opportunities in their communities. Light is one of our fundamental needs, and it can drastically change living circumstances. Imagine just one child in a community without electricity using a Little Sun solar lamp. A small change begins. This one child is now able to get home safely after dark and to study at night. He grows up stronger and better educated and will pass on his knowledge and strength to the people around him.

Little Sun promotes development in multiple ways: they create positive influences on gender equality, health, environmental sustainability, poverty eradication and education. All these little changes ripple out to benefit the entire community, all beginning from one little yellow solar lamp. Little Sun brings light into the lives of people in more than 10 African countries at the moment, with many more to come. So far they have sold more than 300,000 solar lamps worldwide, almost 150,000 of them went to areas without electricity. To buy this amazing product or to read more about this brand, follow this link.

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Little Sun

Land of a Thousand Hills
At Land of a Thousand Hills they want to make sure you get the best cup of coffee while supporting the people who made it possible you can enjoy your dose of caffeine everyday. They work together with people in Rwanda, Haiti and Ethiopia, who now have a chance at a better life. Land of a Thousand Hills employs coffee growers, but also gives them access to the supply chain. The income generated from this supports the building of homes, educating the youth and securing access to food and clean water. This way, Land of a Thousand Hills makes it possible for people to provide for themselves and their families. Their work began in Rwanda, where they are striving towards the reconciliation, development and security of the lives of the Rwandan people after the 1994 genocide. Through Land of a Thousand Hills, part of these people got the chance to empower themselves and their communities again. At the Ripple Marketplace we sell 15 products of this beautiful, do good brand. Want to find out which flavors of delicious coffee they have or what else they have been doing? Follow this link to read more!

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Land of a Thousand Hills 

Drink For Good
Drink For Good is one of the brands on the Ripple Marketplace that support the highest amount of causes. With their drinking bottles they do not just want to reduce the use of plastic bottles, that are causing great damage to the environment, but they also donate $2.00 of each purchase to a cause. All their products are linked to a specific organization and support in a different way. This way they make it possible for you to choose your product according to the cause you care about most. The organizations they support are mostly based in America and vary from the St. Baldricks for Cancer to the National Council for Adoption for orphaned children. They have also employed local artists to design each product so they have to opportunity to market their work. To view all their beautiful, sustainable products or to read more about the organizations Drink For Good supports, follow this link

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Drink For Good

Real Beauty for a Cause
At Real Beauty for a Cause they create products that empower everyone, from the customer to the people making the products. This skincare brand believes that real beauty is found in giving back to others and improving the communities we live in. They employ women who are working to gain financial independence and to break free from the cycle of poverty. Through Real Beauty for a Cause they get the chance to gain skills in the workplace and to make a better life for themselves and their children. They also donate 25% of each purchase to an ever-rotating list of charities. Real Beauty hopes that their products will make you think about the ingredients and products you use along the way. All their products are made with 100% natural ingredients, most of them are available on the Ripple Marketplace. Click here to see their collection or to read more about their vision and the way they do good.

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Real Beauty For a Cause 

African Clean Energy
African Clean Energy is on a mission to solve a dangerous and widespread problem with their ACE 1 Cookstove, an alternative to open fire cooking. Because of the inefficient and harmful fuel, open fire cooking is causing unhealthy living environments, environmental pollution and fire hazards to people in poor communities. Especially women and children are exposed to these dangerous conditions. African Clean Energy wants to improve human and environmental health levels by selling the ACE1 and providing it to people in impoverished areas. The ACE1 combines solar energy with a smoke free, efficient flame that can be kept alight with almost any form of Biofuel. They thereby reduce the necessity for people to light open fires in their homes. This improves the lives of these people dramatically. But the ACE1 can be used everywhere and anytime. You can take it to the park or use it when you go camping. By purchasing an ACE1 yourself you get yourself a beautiful, environmental-friendly device and you support African Clean Energy in spreading their product to those that need it the most. Find out more about this brand here.

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - African Clean Energy

What these 5 inspiring brands have in common is that their products empower communities, decrease poverty or social inequality or support environmental sustainability. With this they lead the way towards the future of conscious shopping. Be sure to support them! crowdRipple wishes you happy, concious shopping!

The crowdRipple Team
The crowdRipple Team


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