7 brands that give back to veterans. Support those who protect us.

On November 11, we honor the heroes of our country. Veterans Day is the day we celebrate the service of all US military veterans and show our support. In this blog you can find 7 brands that do good by supporting veterans throughout the country.

These brands support veterans in a number of ways, most of them are veteran owned and run. By purchasing your products and gifts from these companies you can show your support and appreciation for these men and women who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. 

1. Sword & Plough
Sword & Plough was founded by Emily and her sister Betsy who were born into a Military family. They believe in empowering veterans and therefore employ those returning from service in every part of the business, from designing to making their products. Sword & Plough also use recycled and up-cycled military material to reduce waste and give it a new life. Every year they donate 10% of their profits to Got Your 6, an organization that helps returning veterans reintegrate into civilian society. Follow this link to find out more about this do good brand and how they help. 

Sword & Plough - Signature Ruck

2. Oscar Mike
Oscar Mike is a veteran that fought hard for our country. After service he wanted to help other veterans and consequently he founded the Oscar Mike Foundation. Now, Oscar Mike is also an apparel brand, selling products that are all proudly American made. 100% of the proceeds from sales go to the Oscar Mike foundation which support injured and handicapped veterans affected in combat, to live more fulfilling lives through sports and activities. Follow this link to find out more about this brand and how they support the people who fought for our country. 

Oscar Mike - Free (Bird) Mason

3. Bullets2Bandages
Bullets2Bandages want to support veterans who have made sacrifices for our country. They give back 15% of their net annual profits to veteran charities so they can continue their work. They try to be the change themselves by employing other veterans so they can provide job opportunities to those returning from service. They furthermore support veterans in need of rehabilitation, reintegration and healthcare. Want to find out more about this do good brand? Read about them here.  

 Bullets2Bandages - Army Star Hoodie

4. Boot Campaign 
At Boot Campaign they believe in helping veterans overcome the unique challenges they encounter and in showing patriotism for our country. The boots they sell directly help to support veterans and their families who are in active duty or have returned to civilian life. Boot Campaign are on a mission to raise awareness and promote patriotism for our country and our military community, while providing our service men and women assistance. Nowadays they are a national movement that funds more than $2 million into the military community each year. To find out more about them, follow this link

The Boot Campaign - The Give Back Boot

5. BrokenGear
BrokenGear is a veteran owned business who sell products that give back to veterans. The bags they sell are made from broken and unserviceable military gear. A percentage of the proceeds from each bag sold is donated to athletic organizations that support disabled sportsmen and women. Follow this link to read more about this do good brand and how they support veterans all around the country. 

BrokenGear - Bags

6. Bull + Moose
Bull+Moose have a great slogan (buy a tie, help a guy) and believe in making men look good while giving back. They have partnered up with Got Your 6 who support veterans reintegrate into civilian society as well as providing micro loans to underprivileged men in the US. All their products give back to veterans and their families. Read more about them here

Bull + Moose - Anchor Tie

7. Got Your 6
Got Your 6 are an organization that truly believe in the capabilities and potential of servicemen to be successful leaders in civilian life. They therefore provide support and facilities to enable veterans and their families to utilize their skills and transform them into societal uses. Got Your 6 believes that veterans are uniquely suited to solve some of America’s most difficult challenges. Want to find out more about this organization and the way they support? Read about them here

Got Your 6 - Paracord Bracelet

Show your support and appreciation for the ones that keep us and our country safe. You can buy your products from brands that do good for veterans or support a crowdfunding project. Read our latest blog on crowdfunding projects that support veterans. Be the pebble in the pond that creates the Ripples for Change!

The crowdRipple Team
The crowdRipple Team


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