10 brands doing good this Halloween. Be scary. Do good.

Supporting a good cause through your daily decisions can happen any day of the year. Yes, even on Halloween we can do good! From the yearly costumes to trick or treat candy, your Halloween purchases can have impact far beyond your doorstep. Costumes can come from a company that supports a good cause and the chocolates or candy you hand out can have a positive impact on the other side of the world. Halloween candy can empower local cocoa farmers through brands that are involved in fair trade chocolate practices. Find below a list of 10 brands that will help you make Halloween even more delicious and scary while doing good.

1. 2 Degrees Food
2 Degrees Food is a small food company that make delicious and healthy snack bars that are perfect as a conscious trick or treat give away. 2 Degrees Food is on a mission to end childhood hunger. This means that with every purchase you do not only treat yourself but also feed a hungry child. That's trick or treat the way we like it! You can find their bars here.

2. Costumes 4 A Cause
For Halloween everyone needs a great costume, and now you can buy your costume from a company that does good! Costumes 4 A Cause donate an amazing 50% from each costume sale to the charity they currently support. Their choice of charity changes regularly so you know that many causes will benefit from the costumes you buy from them. Make sure you buy your costume with a conscience this Halloween. Find out more about the brand here.


3. Alter Eco
The tubs of Alter Eco are perfect to share delicious Chocolate Truffles at your doorstep. Based on the belief that good food is fundamental to a good life, Alter Eco produce delicious and environmentally responsible food. Their practice guarantees social justice for the farmers involved and enables you to support their Fair Trade and Organic practice. Find more about this do good brand here

4. Mama Ganache
The small and beautiful artisan chocolates of Mama Ganache are as perfectly sized as a Halloween give-away. Mama Ganache is a fair trade organic chocolate brand that helps you to have a conscious Halloween. The brand produces the ‘mother of all chocolate fillings’ and sells at a fair price to ensure the sustainability of the chocolate farms in West Africa. Find out more about Mama Ganache here.

Halloween undoubtedly involves eating a lot of candy and chocolate. These foods may be delicious, but with increasing childhood obesity and diabetes the content of these foods needs to change if we are to continue consuming them at the current rate. The brand UNREAL wants to change the way we see unhealthy food so you can make better choices about your consumption and where it comes from. UNREAL makes candy free of GMOs, gluten, soy, corn, excess sugar and artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. Therefore, their candy is better for you and the environment. In addition, their chocolate is sourced from fair-trade cocoa and cacao butter. Make conscious choices about your food consumption this Halloween and choose UNREAL products! Find more about the brand here.

6. Glee Gum
Trick or treat will be even more fun this year now you can give away the first and only 100% natural gum pops! You don't have to worry about scary ingredients, because Glee Gum’s products are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and made without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Glee Gum cares deeply about our planet and therefore has partnered up with several organizations supporting the environment. Their gum base, chicle, even helps sustain the rainforests! Want to find out more about this do good brand? Read about them here.

7. Equal Exchange
Equal Exchange not only sell delicious products, they are also a do good brand that care deeply about their workers. With their democratic worker co-operative they are on a mission to empower both farmers and consumers all over the world. They have one of the largest democratic worker co-operatives in the country, in which all workers have an equal stake and an equal vote in their business. They actually want to change the world of food by making sure their products are traded in a way that is honest and fair, to all of us. Equal Exchange sell chocolate, coffee, tea, and other delicious products, most of them 100%  organic. In 1991, they were the first US food and beverage company to formally adopt the international Fair Trade standards. Find out more about them here.

8. Surf Sweets
With Surf Sweets you can be sure your candy will be delicious without containing all the scary ingredients you try to avoid. Their gummy candy and jelly beans are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavours, and the top ten allergens. Their candy is not just better for you, it’s also better for the environment: Surf Sweets donates part of their profit to 1% For The Planet, who support organizations caring about the environment. They also partnered up with the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), who want to improve the quality of life for the 15 million Americans with food allergies. To read more about Surf Sweets, click here.

9. Sweetriot
Sweetriot is a brand that defines itself as ‘a joyful celebration of culture, diversity and understanding’. They live out this vision through sourcing their chocolate ingredients from cocoa farms in Latin America and ensuring a good, fair trade, relationship with their partners. By producing chocolate that is sourced from different regions they are spreading the cultural knowledge of these areas. They have also created a wonderful working environment for their employees as they believe that everyone involved with making their chocolate should be rewarded with a joyful atmosphere in the workplace. Find out more about Sweetriot here.

10. Endangered Species Chocolate
Endangered Species Chocolate is a chocolate brand with a very specific mission to help save and protect wildlife that is at risk of losing their habitat. With increasing human population growth and the lack of importance placed on the rights of animals, many species are in danger of dying out. This is a result of poaching, loss of habitat, climate change and increasing meat consumption. There is a desperate need to give animals their rightful place on this planet and you can support this mission this Halloween by buying chocolate that gives back to this cause. You can do good while you eat delicious and healthy chocolate, find more about Endangered Species Chocolate here.

Together we can change the world: even when looking like Freddy.
Happy Halloween!

The crowdRipple Team
The crowdRipple Team


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