5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change

Today we can affect change by thoughtfully considering the items we bring into our lives and choosing those that focus on doing good for the world. At crowdRipple we believe that every seller, whether a brand or an artisan, can be the change we seek. This is why on the Ripple Marketplace you can only buy products from brands and labels that do good. These brands do so in various ways by supporting causes such as education, social justice and the environment. In this blog we proudly introduce 5 inspiring brands through which you can shop & support on the Ripple Marketplace.

Little Sun
Little Sun has designed a beautiful solar lamp that provides a reliable and clean light source for people who do not have access to electricity. The lamps are sold all over the world and have become a collector’s item: the high-quality solar lamp is a work of art in itself, designed by world-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson. For every lamp sold in an area of the world with electricity, Little Sun is able to deliver one Little Sun to an off-grid African community at a locally affordable price. By selling Little Sun’s, local entrepreneurs in these areas can create business opportunities in their communities. Light is one of our fundamental needs, and it can drastically change living circumstances. Imagine just one child in a community without electricity using a Little Sun solar lamp. A small change begins. This one child is now able to get home safely after dark and to study at night. He grows up stronger and better educated and will pass on his knowledge and strength to the people around him.

Little Sun promotes development in multiple ways: they create positive influences on gender equality, health, environmental sustainability, poverty eradication and education. All these little changes ripple out to benefit the entire community, all beginning from one little yellow solar lamp. Little Sun brings light into the lives of people in more than 10 African countries at the moment, with many more to come. So far they have sold more than 300,000 solar lamps worldwide, almost 150,000 of them went to areas without electricity. To buy this amazing product or to read more about this brand, follow this link.

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Little Sun

Land of a Thousand Hills
At Land of a Thousand Hills they want to make sure you get the best cup of coffee while supporting the people who made it possible you can enjoy your dose of caffeine everyday. They work together with people in Rwanda, Haiti and Ethiopia, who now have a chance at a better life. Land of a Thousand Hills employs coffee growers, but also gives them access to the supply chain. The income generated from this supports the building of homes, educating the youth and securing access to food and clean water. This way, Land of a Thousand Hills makes it possible for people to provide for themselves and their families. Their work began in Rwanda, where they are striving towards the reconciliation, development and security of the lives of the Rwandan people after the 1994 genocide. Through Land of a Thousand Hills, part of these people got the chance to empower themselves and their communities again. At the Ripple Marketplace we sell 15 products of this beautiful, do good brand. Want to find out which flavors of delicious coffee they have or what else they have been doing? Follow this link to read more!

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Land of a Thousand Hills 

Drink For Good
Drink For Good is one of the brands on the Ripple Marketplace that support the highest amount of causes. With their drinking bottles they do not just want to reduce the use of plastic bottles, that are causing great damage to the environment, but they also donate $2.00 of each purchase to a cause. All their products are linked to a specific organization and support in a different way. This way they make it possible for you to choose your product according to the cause you care about most. The organizations they support are mostly based in America and vary from the St. Baldricks for Cancer to the National Council for Adoption for orphaned children. They have also employed local artists to design each product so they have to opportunity to market their work. To view all their beautiful, sustainable products or to read more about the organizations Drink For Good supports, follow this link

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Drink For Good

Real Beauty for a Cause
At Real Beauty for a Cause they create products that empower everyone, from the customer to the people making the products. This skincare brand believes that real beauty is found in giving back to others and improving the communities we live in. They employ women who are working to gain financial independence and to break free from the cycle of poverty. Through Real Beauty for a Cause they get the chance to gain skills in the workplace and to make a better life for themselves and their children. They also donate 25% of each purchase to an ever-rotating list of charities. Real Beauty hopes that their products will make you think about the ingredients and products you use along the way. All their products are made with 100% natural ingredients, most of them are available on the Ripple Marketplace. Click here to see their collection or to read more about their vision and the way they do good.

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - Real Beauty For a Cause 

African Clean Energy
African Clean Energy is on a mission to solve a dangerous and widespread problem with their ACE 1 Cookstove, an alternative to open fire cooking. Because of the inefficient and harmful fuel, open fire cooking is causing unhealthy living environments, environmental pollution and fire hazards to people in poor communities. Especially women and children are exposed to these dangerous conditions. African Clean Energy wants to improve human and environmental health levels by selling the ACE1 and providing it to people in impoverished areas. The ACE1 combines solar energy with a smoke free, efficient flame that can be kept alight with almost any form of Biofuel. They thereby reduce the necessity for people to light open fires in their homes. This improves the lives of these people dramatically. But the ACE1 can be used everywhere and anytime. You can take it to the park or use it when you go camping. By purchasing an ACE1 yourself you get yourself a beautiful, environmental-friendly device and you support African Clean Energy in spreading their product to those that need it the most. Find out more about this brand here.

5 Brands Creating Ripples for Change - African Clean Energy

What these 5 inspiring brands have in common is that their products empower communities, decrease poverty or social inequality or support environmental sustainability. With this they lead the way towards the future of conscious shopping. Be sure to support them! crowdRipple wishes you happy, concious shopping!

December 04, 2015


6 Gift Cards that Give Back this Holiday Season

Are you struggling to find the perfect holiday gift? Do you want each gift to give back to a cause you care about? As more of us want to do good when we shop, we have gathered 6 gift cards that give back this Christmas. By giving one of these cards you are sure that your Christmas shopping results in a positive impact: for you, your loved ones and the good causes you support. With every purchase you have the chance to do good: from the smile on your friends face to the cause you support on the other side of the world. 

Why give a gift card?
According to the NRF Holiday Consumer Spending Survey 58.8% of consumers celebrating the holidays say they would prefer to receive gift cards as gifts. Gift cards are not the lazy choice they once were considered to be! Research has shown that individuals are less inclined to own something they didn’t choose themselves or don’t know its origins of. Therefore, giving a loved one the gift of shopping can actually be considered a thoughtful act. It's also giving a treat to the person since buying for oneself is often the last thing on many people's’ minds and can be a very special and rare opportunity. We believe that each purchase made should give back in some way so we have complied a list of gift cards that give back. Below you will find a list of 6 gift cards that do good by giving back.

1. Gift Card for a Cause
From January 2015 to January 2016 customers can select a MasterCard “Gift Card for a Cause” to benefit the American Cancer Society or American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. For every card purchased through this program, 2% of the load value of the card will go to the designated foundation. Customers can also select to donate an additional $3 per card. This card can be used everywhere where Mastercard is accepted. Find this gift card here.

2. crowdRipple
crowdRipple offers you a gift card that can be used to buy do good products on the Ripple Marketplace. 10% of every purchase goes to a crowdfunding campaign that supports a good cause. These projects can be found on crowdRipple. When you buy a gift card, you receive an extra 10% immediately. This 10% is a reward for helping crowdRipple grow by financing us through your purchase. When you buy a gift card it's similar to giving a company a loan and therefore the longer you hold onto it, the more crowdRipple will reward you. Find this gift card here

3. GAP
With the GAP gift card you can help to create a brighter future for women and youth worldwide. When you buy a gift card, 2% of your purchase supports CARE or Communities in Schools. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty which believes that poor girls and women, equipped with the proper resources, have the power to lift communities out of poverty. Communities in Schools is the US dropout prevention organization. Find this gift card here


4. Nike. 
A gift card that makes kids move? Nike makes it possible: 1% of the Nike gift cards sales are going to SHAPE America to help create Active Schools in the US. Physcial activity helps kids stay healthy, strong and leads to better school results. The support provided by Nike will go to equip school leaders with the tools and resources to get kids moving. Find this gift card here

5. Nordstrom.
Nordstrom donates 1% of all gift card sales to hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the communities around the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. By buying a gift card you are contributing to the overall amount that is being donated. Wrapped in special packaging and delivered to you through the mail! Find this gift card here


6. H&M.
When you buy an H&M gift card this season you are not only making the receiver happy, you are also contributing to a brighter future for children in Myanmar. The H&M Conscious Foundation will donate 5% of your total gift card amount to providing children in Myanmar with quality education through UNICEF. Find this gift card here


By buying one of these gift cards your gift to a loved one can continue to have an effect long after the unwrapping! Giving a gift card that gives back is not just good for you, it’s good for everyone. And that’s what we call a Ripple Effect. Happy Giving!

December 01, 2015


World AIDS Day ›  

6 Brands that support World AIDS Day

Every year since 1988 the world has dedicated the 1st of December to AIDS, AIDS prevention, treatment, awareness and research. Although the virus was only discovered in the 1970’s, it has quickly become a pandemic, killing over 35 million people worldwide and infected another 35 million. Although HIV has been detected in every region of the world, it is most prevalent in Southern Africa where treatment, support and prevention measures are weakest and there is little financial support to help individuals to fight the virus. In the United States, currently more than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 8 are unaware of their infection.

This World AIDS Day, crowdRipple has found brands and products that are helping this cause with the hope that we all do a bit more than give the occasional donation but also know that we can consume differently.

  1. IPad/Notebook cover by Manos de Madres

Manos de Madres - IPad cover
Manos de Madres works with vulnerable women and young adults to develop business capacity and financial independence. They began in Honduras and now also work in Rwanda and South Africa. They are proud members of Green America and the Fair Trade Federation. This IPad cover was made by women in Rwanda in a community called INEZA. All the women in this community are living with HIV/AIDS. The money from the products they make and sell empowers them to live a fulfilling life, despite their deteriorating health and ensures they are able to support their families.

2. Smokey Lava by Chavez for Charity. 

Smokey Lava - Chavez for Charity
Chavez for Charity is a company that produce jewelry in many colors, with each color supporting a different charity. Their black line support Gift for Life, an organisation that support AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment. This 3 set Smokey Lava collection looks stunning and shows your support for World AIDS Day.

3. Body Lotion by Noodle & Boo

Noodle & Boo - Body Lotion
Noodle & Boo create skin care products for babies and women that are environmentally friendly and optimal for sensitive skin. They donate generous sums of money each year to their partner charities including Save the Children, Compassion and Keep a Child Alive. Keep a Child Alive is a children AIDS foundation that protects children from infection and provides treatment for those already infected. Check out their woman's body lotion through which you can support World AIDS day. We hope you like it as much as we do!

4. Signature Brights by Relate

Relate is a South African based brand that make bracelets from beads. They are sustainably made to provide employment for local people while donating the proceeds to a number of different charities and organizations. Two of the charities they support focus on AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention measures. These Signature Brights bracelets are seriously eye catching and will light up your outfit while showing your support for AIDS.

5.  Watch by 1:Face

1:Face - Watch AIDS
1:face product a line of watches in different colors. They produce a stylish gadget while also giving back to a huge number of causes. Each color of watch supports a different cause. So far, 1:Face have helped about 750.000 people through support ranging from building wells and providing meals to contributing to finding cures and improving living conditions. This red design watch provides life-saving HIV treatment, care, and support services to children and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

6. Cuff Bracelet by Until There’s A Cure.

Until There's A Cure - Cuff Bracelet
As the name depicts, this organization is raising money for HIV/AIDS through selling jewelry and will continue to do so, until a cure has been found. All their products have the signature HIV/AIDS ribbon branded on them to show support and raise awareness. This Cuff Bracelet is made from stainless steel and has a granite finish.

Make a positive difference to those suffering from or in danger of contracting HIV/AIDS this World AIDS Day. You can do this by shopping for the goods you need from brands that give back to this worthy cause and you can also support a project. See our blog on crowdfunding projects we've discovered here.

November 18, 2015


8 brands that give a shit on World Toilet Day

In 2001 the UN declared the 19th of November as World Toilet Day, a day on which we recognize and acknowledge the global sanitation crisis. Today, 2,4 billion people do not have access to basic toilets. That’s more than 30% of the world’s population! This has more consequences than you might think. The lack of a toilet does not just mean a lack of hygiene. It means the death of around 1000 children a day because of diarrheal diseases due to poor sanitation. These deaths could be prevented. It also means girls miss out on education: clean and safe toilets help keep girls in school. The lack of toilets increases gender inequality and generally disadvantages women more than man. It turns out that building toilets is a very good investment: for every dollar spent on water and sanitation, you get $4.3 in return in the form of reduced health care costs. This cause can improve the lives of people all over the world in so many ways. Let’s all give a shit and spread awareness together! On the Ripple Marketplace we gathered nine brands that already are setting an example.

1. Who Gives A Crap
This do good brand really gives a crap! Their toilet paper is made from 100% recycled fibers, thereby reducing environmental waste and providing a high-quality product. 50% of their proceeds go to WaterAid, an organization that helps people in developing countries by providing them with better sanitation systems and toilets and access to clean drinking water. So far Who Gives A Crap raised over $50,000 for WaterAid, thereby improving the lives of people all over the world. Want to find out more about this awesome brand and how they give a crap? Read about them here

2. Drink For Good –Drink For Clean Water
Drink For Good is an awesome brand that give back to a large number of causes. $2.00 from every drinking bottle they sell goes to a cause related to the bottle. Their Drink For Clean Water bottle supports the non-profit organization charity:water, who bring safe and clean drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of their proceeds go to the funding of clean water solutions, thereby improving the lives of people in various ways. Want to find out how their other bottles contribute to a better world and how this brand gives a shit? Follow this link to read more

3. MiiR
At MiiR they realize how the lack of access to water affects every other aspect of a persons life. This do good brand sells water bottles, bicycles and other accessories, all giving back to the cause water. In order to create positive change they’ve partnered with a number of water charities around the world. So far they have completed 44 water projects together. But they wanted to do more. When visiting Liberia, the MiiR founder discovered the need for better transport means to access clean water and healthcare facilities. This is why MiiR created partnerships with organizations that supply bikes to people in need. So far, they’ve donated over 3000 bikes! MiiR came up with a unique code system so you can actually track how your purchase has helped someone else in the world. Now that’s creating Ripples for Change! Follow this link to find out more about this inspiring brand. 

4. Freewaters
Water is life! At Freewaters, a footwear brand that combines amazing comfort with sophisticated style, they believe clean drinking water is the most important step to lifting people out of cycles of illness and poverty. They decided to give back by supporting water projects in different regions around the world. So far they’ve helped providing access to clean drinking water to people in need in Kenya and Haiti. To read more about Freewaters, follow this link

5. A&A
Every year, 3.4 million people die from lack of access to safe drinking water. An insane number. At A&A they decided to give back to this needy cause by donating money to water.org. For every pair of shoes you buy, A&A helps provide enough drinking water for one person for a whole year. Through the building of local partnerships they address the issue of toilets, hygiene and sanitation and monitor their impact. So far they have provided clean water in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. So they actually give a shit all over the world! To find out more about A&A and their vision, click here

6. Hand in Hand Soap
Businesses can do so much more than just make money. With this rationale Hand in Hand Soap is run with a business model that is based on sustainable giving. With their Fair-Trade, eco-friendly soap they actually try to make a difference. For every bar of soap Hand in Hand Soap sold, they donate a bar and provide a month of clean drinking water to children in need. In poor countries a lot of problems are caused by poor water quality and a lack of proper hygiene. The solution to this problem could be simple: just by handwashing and clean water a lot of deaths can be prevented. To read more about Hand in Hand Soap, follow this link

7. Chavez for Charity
At Chavez for Charity they make beautiful fashion accessories that support a number of causes and non-profit organizations. One of them is water.org, who have the goal to provide global aid to the regions of the world that lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation. With a focus on health and hygiene education, this organization has already created significant impact all around the world. Right now, there are more people who own a cellphone than there are people with a toilet. A crazy statistic that needs to change! Want to find out more about Chavez for Charity? Click here

8. Janji
The founders of Janji wanted to connect runners to clean water initiatives throughout the world. With the purchases of their high performance running apparel, they help funding solutions and raise awareness for the global water crisis. This way they hope to get one step further in fulfilling their dream of everyone having the same access to safe drinking water. Janji have a partnership with MSABI Tanzania. This organization helps make drinking water safer and more accessible for people in rural Tanzania. Through the funding of sustainable and durable deep-water well projects they can give the people of Tanzania the water they need. They have already provided safe water for over 85,000 people! Want to find out more about this inspiring do good brand? Read about it here

So.. Do you give a shit? You can already contribute to better hygiene and toilet facilities just by getting your products from a do good brand that cares. Want to read about our crowdfunding projects giving a crap on World Toilet Day? Read about them here!

November 11, 2015


7 brands that give back to veterans. Support those who protect us.

On November 11, we honor the heroes of our country. Veterans Day is the day we celebrate the service of all US military veterans and show our support. In this blog you can find 7 brands that do good by supporting veterans throughout the country.

These brands support veterans in a number of ways, most of them are veteran owned and run. By purchasing your products and gifts from these companies you can show your support and appreciation for these men and women who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe. 

1. Sword & Plough
Sword & Plough was founded by Emily and her sister Betsy who were born into a Military family. They believe in empowering veterans and therefore employ those returning from service in every part of the business, from designing to making their products. Sword & Plough also use recycled and up-cycled military material to reduce waste and give it a new life. Every year they donate 10% of their profits to Got Your 6, an organization that helps returning veterans reintegrate into civilian society. Follow this link to find out more about this do good brand and how they help. 

Sword & Plough - Signature Ruck

2. Oscar Mike
Oscar Mike is a veteran that fought hard for our country. After service he wanted to help other veterans and consequently he founded the Oscar Mike Foundation. Now, Oscar Mike is also an apparel brand, selling products that are all proudly American made. 100% of the proceeds from sales go to the Oscar Mike foundation which support injured and handicapped veterans affected in combat, to live more fulfilling lives through sports and activities. Follow this link to find out more about this brand and how they support the people who fought for our country. 

Oscar Mike - Free (Bird) Mason

3. Bullets2Bandages
Bullets2Bandages want to support veterans who have made sacrifices for our country. They give back 15% of their net annual profits to veteran charities so they can continue their work. They try to be the change themselves by employing other veterans so they can provide job opportunities to those returning from service. They furthermore support veterans in need of rehabilitation, reintegration and healthcare. Want to find out more about this do good brand? Read about them here.  

 Bullets2Bandages - Army Star Hoodie

4. Boot Campaign 
At Boot Campaign they believe in helping veterans overcome the unique challenges they encounter and in showing patriotism for our country. The boots they sell directly help to support veterans and their families who are in active duty or have returned to civilian life. Boot Campaign are on a mission to raise awareness and promote patriotism for our country and our military community, while providing our service men and women assistance. Nowadays they are a national movement that funds more than $2 million into the military community each year. To find out more about them, follow this link

The Boot Campaign - The Give Back Boot

5. BrokenGear
BrokenGear is a veteran owned business who sell products that give back to veterans. The bags they sell are made from broken and unserviceable military gear. A percentage of the proceeds from each bag sold is donated to athletic organizations that support disabled sportsmen and women. Follow this link to read more about this do good brand and how they support veterans all around the country. 

BrokenGear - Bags

6. Bull + Moose
Bull+Moose have a great slogan (buy a tie, help a guy) and believe in making men look good while giving back. They have partnered up with Got Your 6 who support veterans reintegrate into civilian society as well as providing micro loans to underprivileged men in the US. All their products give back to veterans and their families. Read more about them here

Bull + Moose - Anchor Tie

7. Got Your 6
Got Your 6 are an organization that truly believe in the capabilities and potential of servicemen to be successful leaders in civilian life. They therefore provide support and facilities to enable veterans and their families to utilize their skills and transform them into societal uses. Got Your 6 believes that veterans are uniquely suited to solve some of America’s most difficult challenges. Want to find out more about this organization and the way they support? Read about them here

Got Your 6 - Paracord Bracelet

Show your support and appreciation for the ones that keep us and our country safe. You can buy your products from brands that do good for veterans or support a crowdfunding project. Read our latest blog on crowdfunding projects that support veterans. Be the pebble in the pond that creates the Ripples for Change!

October 29, 2015


10 Movember products for Mo Bros and Sistas

The hairiest month of the year is around the corner! Besides providing men with a great excuse not to shave, this month is most of all about raising awareness for men's health. Movember focuses on educating men while bringing positive change. During this month your moustache can be a billboard for this cause. The Movember 2015 theme is MOVE, with the aim to make man move 30 times in 30 days. Physical inactivity is one of the biggest health issues amongst men, so this year we encourage men to live active and happy. crowdRipple has gathered 10 products that will help you, your best-Mo, dad or boyfriend get through this hairy month and help raise awareness. These 10 product will inspire you, keep you Mo in shape and have a happy, healthy Movember!

1. Beard oil by Real Beauty for a Cause
Real Beauty for a Cause cares about your skin and your moustache. All their products are handmade and 100% natural, packaged in recyclable and reusable jars. With their Beard Oil they make it possible for you to care this Movember. Real Beauty’s Beard Oil is perfect to soften and soothe your beard and is made with jojoba and rosehip oils, both known to moisturize without leaving behind an oily feel. It also contains rosemary essential oil, to stimulate hair growth, and Sandalwood as a conditioner. Sounds like your beard could use some of this do good product? You can find it here on the Ripple Marketplace.

2. Shaving Cream by Barbasol
This Movember you can shave your beard with shaving cream that gives back! Barbasol is a brand that has been selling high quality men’s shaving products for years. They have joined forces with the Movember Foundation to raise funds for men’s health. Their shaving cream is made with high quality ingredients, with a guarantee to smooth even the driest skin and moisturize the toughest beards. You can find out more here.

3. Get it Grown Hoodie by the Movember Foundation
As part of the one and only Movember collection by the Movember Foundation this hoodie is perfect to keep you warm while raising awareness for men’s health. How better then to encourage yourself or Mo to work out with this stylish and comfortable hoodie. With an eye catching print on the back and the official Movember logo on the front, this black hoodie is sure to be a great addition to you Movember wardrobe! Find more info on the Movember Foundation hoodie here

4. Movember Set by Harry’s
This useful shave set includes everything you need to keep that moustache in shape: shave gel, a special Movember Handle, and German Blades. $5 of each sell goes directly to the Movember Foundation, so you are certain of giving back to men’s health this month. Find more info on this Movember Set here

5. Watch: cancer by 1Face 
1Face offers you this slick watch with the power to fight back cancer. With the purchase of one watch, 1Face supports 8 cancer patients. This digital and unisex watch makes it possible for both men and women to raise awareness and support the fight against cancer during Movember. Additionally it has a shatterproof mirrored face with stainless steel buttons to display the time and date. Find more info here.

6. Hoodie by No-Shave November
Another hoodie to keep you warm during this cold Movember. And the print on this hoodie says it all! The producing company No-Shave November supports all men out there in their non-shaving period. This hoodie comes in three colours and has contrasting colorblock sleeves. Find more info here.

7. Mustache Suspenders by The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co.
At the ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. they truly care about Movember. For each product sold, they donate one dollar to The Prostate Cancer Foundation, so together they can spread the word and raise awareness for this important cause. The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co. sell high-quality ties and other accessories, all looking great and unique. They want to make sure they always have a positive impact on the people around them, so they assure you they treat their employees and suppliers well. Want to find out more about this do good brand and their products? Read more about them here

8. Herringbone classics by TOMS 

For the 6th year running TOMS have partnered with the Movember Foundation. This year they are selling awesome herringbone and chevron design shoes, with a gold embroidered moustache. TOMS integrate sustainable and responsible practices into all they do, always caring about others. For every purchase, they help a person in need. With the help of their customers, TOMS provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services to people needing it the most. Want to find out more about this do good brand? Read about them here!

9. Moustache Buckle by Foxy Originals
Foxy Originals make fun and affordable products while supporting causes that matter to them. They take pride and care in everything they do and help raise funds and awareness for a number of organizations. This Movember they have chosen to show their support with some awesome products. Their Moustache Buckle might be the fashion item this Movember. 20% of the proceeds from these products go to the Movember Foundation to support men’s health. Want to find out more about this do good brand and their inspiring philosophy? Read about them here!

10. Empower Leather Bracelet by The Giving Key's
State your support this month with The Giving Keys' Movember supporting EMPOWER bracelet. Its stylish look will be the perfect addition to your moustache. Giving Keys is a unique company that make keys with messages of hope engraved on them. They recycle used keys as well as giving back to a number of causes they support. Find more info here.

With these products we hope you have a happy and hairy Movember while doing good! If you want to do more and help raise awareness for men's health have a look at the website of the Movember Foundation.

October 22, 2015


10 brands doing good this Halloween. Be scary. Do good.

Supporting a good cause through your daily decisions can happen any day of the year. Yes, even on Halloween we can do good! From the yearly costumes to trick or treat candy, your Halloween purchases can have impact far beyond your doorstep. Costumes can come from a company that supports a good cause and the chocolates or candy you hand out can have a positive impact on the other side of the world. Halloween candy can empower local cocoa farmers through brands that are involved in fair trade chocolate practices. Find below a list of 10 brands that will help you make Halloween even more delicious and scary while doing good.

1. 2 Degrees Food
2 Degrees Food is a small food company that make delicious and healthy snack bars that are perfect as a conscious trick or treat give away. 2 Degrees Food is on a mission to end childhood hunger. This means that with every purchase you do not only treat yourself but also feed a hungry child. That's trick or treat the way we like it! You can find their bars here.

2. Costumes 4 A Cause
For Halloween everyone needs a great costume, and now you can buy your costume from a company that does good! Costumes 4 A Cause donate an amazing 50% from each costume sale to the charity they currently support. Their choice of charity changes regularly so you know that many causes will benefit from the costumes you buy from them. Make sure you buy your costume with a conscience this Halloween. Find out more about the brand here.


3. Alter Eco
The tubs of Alter Eco are perfect to share delicious Chocolate Truffles at your doorstep. Based on the belief that good food is fundamental to a good life, Alter Eco produce delicious and environmentally responsible food. Their practice guarantees social justice for the farmers involved and enables you to support their Fair Trade and Organic practice. Find more about this do good brand here

4. Mama Ganache
The small and beautiful artisan chocolates of Mama Ganache are as perfectly sized as a Halloween give-away. Mama Ganache is a fair trade organic chocolate brand that helps you to have a conscious Halloween. The brand produces the ‘mother of all chocolate fillings’ and sells at a fair price to ensure the sustainability of the chocolate farms in West Africa. Find out more about Mama Ganache here.

Halloween undoubtedly involves eating a lot of candy and chocolate. These foods may be delicious, but with increasing childhood obesity and diabetes the content of these foods needs to change if we are to continue consuming them at the current rate. The brand UNREAL wants to change the way we see unhealthy food so you can make better choices about your consumption and where it comes from. UNREAL makes candy free of GMOs, gluten, soy, corn, excess sugar and artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. Therefore, their candy is better for you and the environment. In addition, their chocolate is sourced from fair-trade cocoa and cacao butter. Make conscious choices about your food consumption this Halloween and choose UNREAL products! Find more about the brand here.

6. Glee Gum
Trick or treat will be even more fun this year now you can give away the first and only 100% natural gum pops! You don't have to worry about scary ingredients, because Glee Gum’s products are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and made without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Glee Gum cares deeply about our planet and therefore has partnered up with several organizations supporting the environment. Their gum base, chicle, even helps sustain the rainforests! Want to find out more about this do good brand? Read about them here.

7. Equal Exchange
Equal Exchange not only sell delicious products, they are also a do good brand that care deeply about their workers. With their democratic worker co-operative they are on a mission to empower both farmers and consumers all over the world. They have one of the largest democratic worker co-operatives in the country, in which all workers have an equal stake and an equal vote in their business. They actually want to change the world of food by making sure their products are traded in a way that is honest and fair, to all of us. Equal Exchange sell chocolate, coffee, tea, and other delicious products, most of them 100%  organic. In 1991, they were the first US food and beverage company to formally adopt the international Fair Trade standards. Find out more about them here.

8. Surf Sweets
With Surf Sweets you can be sure your candy will be delicious without containing all the scary ingredients you try to avoid. Their gummy candy and jelly beans are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavours, and the top ten allergens. Their candy is not just better for you, it’s also better for the environment: Surf Sweets donates part of their profit to 1% For The Planet, who support organizations caring about the environment. They also partnered up with the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), who want to improve the quality of life for the 15 million Americans with food allergies. To read more about Surf Sweets, click here.

9. Sweetriot
Sweetriot is a brand that defines itself as ‘a joyful celebration of culture, diversity and understanding’. They live out this vision through sourcing their chocolate ingredients from cocoa farms in Latin America and ensuring a good, fair trade, relationship with their partners. By producing chocolate that is sourced from different regions they are spreading the cultural knowledge of these areas. They have also created a wonderful working environment for their employees as they believe that everyone involved with making their chocolate should be rewarded with a joyful atmosphere in the workplace. Find out more about Sweetriot here.

10. Endangered Species Chocolate
Endangered Species Chocolate is a chocolate brand with a very specific mission to help save and protect wildlife that is at risk of losing their habitat. With increasing human population growth and the lack of importance placed on the rights of animals, many species are in danger of dying out. This is a result of poaching, loss of habitat, climate change and increasing meat consumption. There is a desperate need to give animals their rightful place on this planet and you can support this mission this Halloween by buying chocolate that gives back to this cause. You can do good while you eat delicious and healthy chocolate, find more about Endangered Species Chocolate here.

Together we can change the world: even when looking like Freddy.
Happy Halloween!

October 15, 2015


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10 brands giving back to fight hunger

Food security is an ever increasing problem in many regions of the world. Although there is an abundance of food produced globally, distribution and access are a constant struggle for poor and marginalized people. Lack of food is a barrier to all other aspects of a prosperous life. If children are hungry, they cannot concentrate at school and get the education necessary to enter the work force. With a lack of food, people become malnourished, reducing their health and making them susceptible to diseases.

The United Nations has dedicated the day of October 16th to remind us of the problems of food access and the misery that hungry children face everyday. Numerous people and organizations have done incredible work to tackle the world food crisis. Many businesses are now becoming more socially responsible and giving back to the cause of hunger, so that while these companies enjoy success, so can people in need. We believe that this shift can have a positive impact and hope that together we can support these do good brands and decrease hunger throughout the world. One Ripple at a Time!


1.  1Face



1Face’s slick and highly functional watch is a much sought after gadget and comes in a number of eye catching colours. With their collection of watches they support nine causes, which are all connected to a charity that aims to bring global change. This silver edition featured here provides food for 10 people with each purchase. You can purchase it today by following this link

This watch has, so far, fed 328,964 people. 

2.  2 Degrees Food


2 Degrees Food is a small food company that make delicious and healthy snack bars to keep you going during the day. They are on a mission to end childhood hunger. With every bar purchased they feed a hungry child. Very simple and very effective! To purchase their bars today, follow this link

3. Project 7 

Project 7 have some very interesting and delicious chewing gum flavours that you can try and at the same time they give back through donating a portion of their proceeds to 7 different causes. This particular flavour supports the cause of hunger and provides a meal to a needy and hungry individual in the US. To see more products of this do good brand or to find out more about what they do, follow this link


4. Tay’s Gourmet

Tay’s Gourmet have been doing amazing things with the profits from their organic and healthy granola cereals. Each bag purchased feeds a child for an entire day. Tay's Gourmet is a partner of the Children's Hunger Fund, who donate nutritious food to kids all around the world. 

Tay's Gourmet they wants to do good for the less fortunate and has a mission to create products that will keep our body and mind healthy. Their granola is made of all natural ingredients without added sugar or preservatives. If this sounds like your kind of breakfast follow this link to find out more about this do good brand!

5. Eat Art 


Eat Art is a wonderful campaign that not only supports new and upcoming artists whose talent may otherwise go undiscovered but also, the proceeds from their sales go to ‘feed a hungry child’, an organization striving to end childhood hunger. 

Eat Art have made a huge impact to the lives of children. For every $20 you spend on Eat Art products, 100 meals are provided to hungry children. This is enough food for a child to last a month. Click here to find out more about Eat Art and what they do. 



HALF UNITED are a very successful do good brand that feed 7 hungry children with every purchase. In addition, they partner with local organizations in the areas they help in order to improve empowerment and education in order for their contribution to be more sustainable and long term.  

They have a great number of stunning accessories and clothes to offer, like this gem of a necklace. Follow this link to find out more about HALF UNITED and their products.

7. Help Ink

Help Ink are a give back brand that produce art work and t-shirts designed by American artists. Help ink support a number of charities, but this featured t-shirt gives back to the children's hunger fund, for which they have already provided 35,957 meals to children. You can find out more about them here


FEED have been supporting the cause of world hunger for 7 years. Each bag contributes a unique amount of food to a specific area or community, so with each purchase you can read about how you will help when you buy their product. Their trick or treat bag for example provides 40 micronutrient servings to children in Guatemala. Great for Halloween!

Want to find out more about how FEED tries to solve hunger around the world? Read about it here

9. Hobo Hammocks 

Hobo Hammocks is an exciting new brand that have a wonderful, do good initiative. Every hammock purchased provides a meal for a homeless person (A.K.A. Hobo). These hammocks are very durable, comfortable and affordable. The perfect compliment to your next adventure. To read more about their impact and comfortable hammocks, follow this link.

10. Feeding The Orphans

Child Apron Feeding the Orphans

Feeding the Orphans are a non-profit organization that help single mothers and children in need. They have lots of different programs and a webshop that empowers women in Africa. Their food sponsorship for orphan children provides 3 meals a day. They also have school feeding programs in Togo and Ghana, where they provide hot lunches to over 160 students. Follow this link to find out more about their products or programs. 

So what are you waiting for? Shop and create Ripples for Change! Discovery more awesome do good brands here or shop from our World Food Day collection focused on NutritionSolving world hunger is arguably the most significant struggle of the 21st Century and as a crowd we can do our part to solve this crisis, One Ripple at a Time!

October 10, 2015


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10 brands that empower the Girl Child worldwide

October 11th is the International Day of the Girl Child. This day is dedicated to gender inequality girls face worldwide. On the Ripple Marketplace we feature products from brands that support the Girl Child and other causes we all care about. We hope this enables you to easily help in improving the situation of millions of young girls around the world. This blog is dedicated to 10 inspiring brands that are creating Ripples for Change by supporting girls throughout the world.

1. Headbands of Hope
Headbands of Hope helps kids with cancer in two distinct ways. For every headband purchased, one is gifted to a little girl with cancer, in hopes of lifting her spirits and helping her cope with losing her hair. Learn more about Headbands of Hope here.

2. Activyst
Activyst is a beautiful brand that creates activewear for girls based on the belief that being physically active will make girls healthier, happier and stronger. Your purchases supports education and running programs for girls in Ethiopia and other places worldwide. Find out more about Activyst here.

3. Little Dresses For Africa
By changing your T-shirt you can change the world. Little Dresses for Africa provides relief to children in Africa, by distributing dresses to little girls, primarily in African villages, but also other countries in crisis. Any Little Dresses For Africa purchase supports their shipping costs to Africa. Learn more about this brand here.

Little Dress For Africa






4. Bené
Education can break the circle of poverty for both young girls and their families. Bené is an organization with giving at its core. Through their collection of scarves, Bene is committed to providing an education to girls in Ghana. They do so by sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and the uniforms for the girls so they can fulfill their dreams. Discover more about Bené here.

5. Buy The Change
Buy The Change enables women to bring their handmade products to the American market. These women are living in a variety of difficult situations around the world. Every product you purchase at Buy The Change provides these women with income and therefore gives them the opportunity to gain safety, feed and educate their children and become more independent. Find out more about this brand here.

6. Faircloth & Supply
Faircloth & Supply makes charitable clothing lines of beautifully hand-crafted garments. For each item sold, one school uniform is donated to a girl in Nepal. The girls are able to attend school and receive an education. For a young girl in Nepal, the benefits of education are for more than just academic. Girls who receive education are less vulnerable to HIV infection, human trafficking and other forms of social and economic exploitation. Learn more about Haircloth & Supply here.

7. Feel More Better
Do you want to make a statement with your outfit? Feel More Better has created a wide range of Tee Shirt collections. With every item sold, they donate a new book to an underprivileged little girl. Each product is unique, a little different and a little imperfect – just like every one of us. Find their products and read more about their story here.

8. PremaTouch 
PremaTouch’s handmade soap treats your skin with all-natural coconut oil soap while changing the lives of young women around the world. All soaps are handmade by women who have been set free from trafficking and now work and live in a safe and loving environment. Be part of freedom and support this inspiring organisation. Read more about PremaTouch here

9. Sseko
Sseko Designs is a fashion brand based in Uganda that makes beautiful leather sandals, handbags and accessories. Through fashion, Sseko provides employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty. Their beautiful sandals, accessories and straps are all made in a workshop in Uganda. Find out more about this brand here.

10. Infinity Headbands
Every girl loves her hair and every girl deserves a chance to feel beautiful - even if all it takes is a pretty headband to put a smile on her face. Infinity Headbands offers you inter-changeable headbands that are simple to use and adapt to any outfit. The brand gives a portion of every sale to foster girls in need. Learn more about Infinity Headbands here.

These inspiring brands show that we are all able to contribute to the worldwide well-being of the Girl Child. Strong girls create a strong world!  Act today and support the International Day of the Girl Child by spreading awareness, sharing this blog or buying a product from one of these do good brands. Do you know any other brands that support girls around the world? Feel free to share them with us! Or are you selling products yourself that give to this important cause? Submit your own do good brand here and we'll add your products to the Ripple Marketplace as soon as possible. Together we can create positive Ripples for Change for young girls worldwide!

Doing good by shopping is great but do you know that crowdfunding allows you to also support the causes you care about? Want to find out more? On crowdRipple you can find projects that support the Girl Child. We've highlighted some inspiring projects in our latest blog including a crowdfunding project by PremaTouch.

Did you know?

Every purchase on the Ripple Marketplace can support a crowdfunding campaign of your choice. Together we can create Ripple fore Change. One Ripple at a Time!